Annual Shivering Songs BBQ August 21

Shivering Songs has also announced that Doug Paisley will perform at its annual Picaroons-sponsored BBQ, Thursday August 21 at the brewer’s new Union Street location.

The annual BBQ will feature free music, while a variety of food will be available for purchase. The show is open to people of all ages, while alcoholic beverages will be on sale for patrons over the age of 19.

Paisley is enjoying a career year on the heels of stunning new album, Strong Feelings. Featuring a storied group of Canadian talent, including Blue Rodeo bassist Bazil Donovan, singer Feist, songstress Mary Margaret O’Hara and the Band’s Garth Hudson, Strong Feelings is full of rich texture and fine detail.

Anchored by Paisley’s trademark crooning, Strong Feelings is crumpled with the same weary heartache and folksy grain as 2010s Constant Companion.MOJO, who included that album in their top ten albums of the year, extolled its “rare kind of purity,” declaring “an anti-star is born.” Rolling Stone called it a “nearly perfect singer-songwriter record,” while UNCUT singled it out as “sure-footed and ageless; uncluttered, sad and unerringly lovely.”`