Shivering Songs

Les Hay Babies

In the past year, Vivianne Roy moved to Montreal to debut her solo project, Laura Sauvage; Julie Aubé returned to the New-Brunswick countryside where she grew up; alongside Katrine Noël, they opened up a little vintage boutique in their own part of town.

In the past year, the Hay Babies almost took a break : some time for their own individual bliss and for their own projects ; some time to rebalance. And some time to find themselves – and start working on a second album.

For this new record, through a quick allusion to amateur filmmaker Rogers Normandin’ eponymous movie, they swapped banjo and ukulele for electric guitar and bass. Thus, Mico Roy (guitar), Marc-André Belliveau (drums) and Kevin McIntyre (bass and keys), their trusty New Brunswick native accomplices, alongside producer (and non-New-Brunswick native) Pierre-Guy Blanchard, took to the studio, no tricks, no fuss. The process resulted in 13 new tracks, each with its unique tone, and including eight written during an intensive week in Rawdon during the winter of 2016.

In La 4ième dimension (version longue), there isn’t a single country song. Not even one. There is of course the Joan Baez-folk song (which is the only acoustic track) and another bluesy one. Beyond that, it’s all 60s-70s rock and 80s ballads, with hints of instrumentals, grunge and psychedelic. Simply put, it’s a badass bilingual melting pot for the acadian ladies who are sick of the good girl label.

Because Julie, Katrine and Vivianne are not a country girl band. They are the Hay Babies. Period.`