Shivering Songs

The Belle Comedians (Reunite)

Forming in the mid aughts The Belle Comedians are the kind of band that takes the stage like they are climbing into your ear and hanging out for a while. It’s a comfortable and interesting sensation. Their music aims for impact; songs build and flow, with lush arrangements and emotionally driven vocals, taking you by the hand and sharing with you a story you want to hear. The band blend the heartfelt, intricate songwriting of singer Benjamin Ross with a jangling musical style comprised of elements of folk, alt-country and indie rock. Following the release of their EP Charlotte in 2013, the band took an indefinite hiatus to focus on their own projects, including Bleum, CHIPS, Blue Material, and Whaleskin/Willow Bell to name a few. It is with much anticipation that we await the reunion of the Belle Comedians, if only for a few select Maritimes dates in 2020.`