Shivering Songs

Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron

Calling Anacortes, Washington his home, Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie) has been making music under several different monikers since the early 90’s including  “the Microphones” (1997-2002) and “Mount Eerie” (2002-present). With a diverse discography of LP’s, Mixtapes and remixes Elverum has no shortage of material with over 20+ releases to his name. Subsequent distance to Seattle put him in a direct path of the Seattle sound including Nirvana, locals The Gravels and Moncton’s Eric’s Trip who he considers one of his biggest influences. Elverum and Doiron first collaborated on his 2008 release ‘Lost Wisdom’ and he notes, “Meeting Julie (Doiron) through music and playing a few shows together over the years has been really kind of weird and a dream come true,”  (Pitchfork 2009). “Eric’s Trip is still a huge influence on me. The style of those recordings and the rawness of them is very inspiring. And the density of the distorted parts, amazing.”


This year Doiron and Elverum collaborate once again to create a sequel to their 2008 release, Lost Wisdom Part 2. A release which sees Elverum focus on the struggle to balance real life, art projects, love, home, exposure and subsequent surface chaos of daily life. 


“In a grab for deeper continuity, I called and asked Julie Doiron if she could join me in the recording. She has been my favorite singer since 1993 when I first heard her band Eric’s Trip and subsequently devoted my life to music and art. This 26 year path from teenage obsession to collaborator has made me feel very fortunate. We made another record in 2008 called Lost Wisdom, more flames, more love, more turmoil. Now we get to do some more singing and playing together.”`