Shivering Songs

Mike Trask

Trask has been sculpted by the people, surroundings, and events that line his life. What sets him apart and puts him a little left of centre — hell, a lot — is the way in which he dissects everything, turns it loose reimagined, and yet still glowing with some universal truth. Growing up in rural Nova Scotia as a fisherman tuned his brain to a different frequency. The near-constant 3 AM awakenings allowed him to absorb the peculiar and elusive thought patterns which float around in the pre-dawn. By applying these to his creative output he has achieved a unique position within the songsphere. Think Dylan Thomas meets Lightning Hopkins in a Maritime basement bar, in a not so distant future; think of some wharf-rat scoundrel searching for his long-lost father and finding out it’s Waits; think of a twisted, weird, saltwater hick stumbling upon his own genius and broadcasting it to the world with an antenna of rusty coat hangers.`