Shivering Songs

Mike Bravener with The New Brunswick Gallivanting Chickadees

Mike Bravener is best known around New Brunswick for his Elvis tribute, which saw him work with Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame member and Elvis’ drummer from 1955-1968, D.J. Fontana, as well as win awards. Mike in 2009 was selected by Elvis Presley Enterprises as one of their top 20 Tribute Artists. Mike is also known for his passion for Rock-A-Billy and vintage country music and he and is band, The Rockin Billies, have performed around New Brunswick, Ontario, and PEI. Mike has released 3 albums and has a 4th of original songs, entitled “Chapters” due out soon. In 2018, though, it was the traditional folk songs of the Province of New Brunswick that found him, and for the past 2 seasons, Mike has been employed as an actor and singer at Kings Landing, singing the songs of New Brunswick from the 18th and 19th Century. Mike has a new CD available in March 2020 featuring some of the most loved traditional folk songs from New Brunswick, made possible with a grant from Music New Brunswick and the kind contributions of many! Mike has been learning, arranging, and discovering folksongs long forgotten and is excited to be presenting them once again,  alongside his band, The New Brunswick Gallivanting Chickadees.`