Shivering Songs


From the opening chords and the big, wide swaggering groove of opening tune ‘Side Street’ there is a sense of familiarity that immediately sucks one into the songs and the sounds of Fredericton’s hottest new band. That band is Marian.
Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Dylan Ward, Marian is a quartet of familiar faces, as Ward, drummer Stefan Westner, bassist Evan LeBlanc and lead guitarist Tim Everett have been cheered on by club and festival goers between Halifax and Toronto during tours as members of other bands that frequented both plus all the major centres in between.
“We’re a song band,” says Ward, wiping down the neck of his guitar after a hot set on a Saturday night. “It’s been said that we sound like something from the mid-seventies.
Marian is a band in the vein of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, with grooving mid-tempo and pumped up rock tunes crafted around personalized lyrics delivered by Ward .The sound is solid; the tunes are catchy; and the mood on stage and in the club is one of head-nodding fun.
With a growing local fan base ensuring Marian are never short of gigs, the band is also looking to hit the tour trail. “We’ve all been up and down the Trans-Canada many times,” says Ward, “and getting out on the road is somewhere in the plans.” But for now, Ward, Westner, LeBlanc and Everett are writing, recording and generally having a seriously good time intensifying the buzz for Marian on a local level. “Yeah,” nods Ward, locking his guitar into its case. “More people are loving what we do. The word is getting out and the buzz is getting louder and louder with every gig.”
It certainly is.
– Wayne Blanchard`