Shivering Songs

Andrew Sisk’s Alden Nowlan Tribute

Andrew Sisk emerged from the forests of New Brunswick into the Canadian music scene in mid-2000s playing in bands like The Sleepless Nights, Share, Jenn Grant, and the Prospectors’ Union before moving to Montreal to begin his solo projects (Andrew Sisk, Coco et co.) Despite being an independent artist he has made 12 releases in his 15 year career, including the art project “The Passing of the Buffalo- by Buckskin.”

From Andrew: All artists borrow from somewhere. I was introduced to Alden Nowlan’s poetry when I was 21 and it changed me forever. From that point on, I had a compass to guide me in my creativity and inspired angles to approach my songwriting. I have always wanted to share his brilliance and confess how I’ve used his work in my own work. I’ve put together a summary of his life, choice poems to share, in order to relate them directly to songs I’ve written. It will be a mix of a tribute, poetry reading, and live music performance to celebrate one of the most important Canadian Poets of the last century.`